175 High School

 High School Ministry is for grades 9-12. We have youth group every week on Tuesdays from 6:15pm-8:30pm. Aside from weekly youth group, we have monthly service projects and a bunch of yearly events including the Fall Retreat, 'Never The Same' Summer Camp, Mission Trips, all-nighters, pool parties and more! Check out our Fusion Calendar page for upcoming events! 

Here is what a typical youth group night looks like: 

6:15pm - Free time in the bunker (youth center) and gym. Optional prayer time.

6:30pm - Gym game

7:00pm - Announcements, upfront game in the Bunker (youth center).

7:15pm - Worship

7:30pm - Message

8:00pm-8:30pm - Small group time (students are split up by grade&gender)




























Click here to apply for our Mission Trip to Johnson City in 2019

 Every other year we take a team on a local mission trip. In 2019 we will be going to Johnson City, NY to partner with The Bridge     Community Center. Some of our activities will involve helping them facilitate their afterschool program and doing various work projects around the city.

  Dates: February 17-22, 2019

  We will be taking up to 20 students. Each will need to apply for a spot on the team and the cost of the trip will be approximately $120 per student. An info meeting will be held in January 2019.  Contact Kate with any questions.