OUR VISION: Purpose, Proccess, and Product

PURPOSE: (why are we here?)

(Great Commission Mt. 28:18-20)

Kenmore Alliance Church "exists to glorify God

by making disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples..."


PROCESS: (how do we do it?)

CONNECT with God and others at a worship service,

GROW in your relationship with Jesus and others in small groups,

and to SERVE the Lord and others in a ministry. 

PRODUCT: (what are we aiming for?)

(Great Commandment Mt. 22:36-38)

mature disciples of JESUS who exhibit UP, IN, OUT and DOWN...

UP -Loving GOD

• Loving God in our Worship- We will seek to glorify GOD
with our work, talents, service, giving and praise.

• Loving God in HIS Word- We will study the Bible personally
and with others to know GOD better.

• Loving God in our Prayers- We will grow closer to GOD
relationally through regular corporate and personal communication.

In -Loving and Serving the Church

• Through committed relationships we will help fellow believers
become more Christ-like as they help us.

Out - Loving and Serving the World

• We will seek to share the gospel with everyone
through our lives of service and words of truth.

Down – Loving Humility and Holiness

• We will strive to deny self and
surrender to the influence of the indwelling HOLY SPIRIT.